Why You Should Eat Cashews

Why You Should Eat Cashews

Dajia’s Super Snacks are called super not only because they taste amazing, but also because they have tons of health benefits that come from a real natural food source. Cashews are one of the star ingredients in the Cashew-Peanut Curry flavor. Read below just a few reasons you’ll want to make sure to eat a few handfuls of Dajia’s Super Snacks each day.

1. Lower fat content than other nuts

Compared to other nuts, cashews are one of the lowest fat-content nuts. 82% of their fat is unsaturated fatty acid, and 66% of that unsaturated fat are heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Studies have shown that people who eat monounsaturated fats and other low-fat foods are at a lower risk of heart disease.

2. Lower risk for cardiovascular and coronary heart disease

People who eat nuts, especially cashews, once a week have a 11% less chance of dying from a heart related disease; for those who eat nuts 1-4 times a week, the chances changed to a 19% less chance. Therefore, you should try to eat a handful of nuts, particularly cashews due to their high level of antioxidants, at least 4 times a week.

3. High copper levels

Every ¼ cup of cashews provides 98% of your daily value of copper. Many people do not consume enough copper, which may lead to ruptured blood vessels, osteoporosis, irregular heartbeat, and various other health issues. Copper is essential for normal function because it is a part of many enzymes. For example, it’s a part of superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that produces energy and defends antioxidants. Copper is also a part of lysyl oxidase that helps with the cross-linking of collagen and elastin.

4. Prevent gallstones

Studies have shown that the consumption of cashews is correlated with gallstones. People who eat cashews weekly are less likely to develop gallstones. This is because cashews are very low in cholesterol, and gallstones are caused by high levels of cholesterol.

5. Prevent migraines

Eating cashews weekly supports healthy brain function and improves blood circulation while also lowering blood pressure. Cashews also contain phytosterols which reduce the duration and occurrence of migraines.

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