Maple Syrup vs Other Sweeteners

Maple Syrup vs Other Sweeteners

All three of our flavors are roasted in maple syrup, adding a sugary sweet taste to the various spices used in each flavor of Dajia’s Super Snacks. Maple syrup is a healthy alternative to refined sugars and artificial sweeteners for these seven reasons!

1. Antioxidants

Maple syrup, as a natural sweetener, is proven to have more antioxidants than refined sugar products like white sugar or corn syrup. It contains 24 antioxidants–such as benzoic acid, gallic acid, rutin, etc–that reduce inflammation and symptoms of various chronic diseases.

 2. Low Glycemic Level Score

Refined sugars get metabolized quickly, leading to a sugar high followed by a sugar crash. While all types of sugar can spike blood pressure and raise insulin levels, natural sweeteners like maple syrup are a healthier alternative because they do not cause sugar highs and sugar crashes.

3. Fights Inflammatory Diseases

Due to the antioxidants in maple syrup, it is known to prevent some diseases, such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, or heart disease. Additionally, maple syrup reduces oxidative stress which increases aging and reduces the strength of the immune system.

4. May Protect Against Cancer

Some sugars have been proven to contribute to cancer, yet because of the antioxidants in maple syrup, maple syrup is a less harmful sweetener. Its antioxidants protect DNA from damage and mutation, therefore reducing the risk of cancer.

5. Improves Digestion

Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners both have been proven to contribute to candida, IBS, leaky gut syndrome, and other diseases. Yet maple syrup does not cause any of these diseases, proving it as a healthy alternative to other sweeteners.

6. Vitamins and Minerals

Maple syrup contains various vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, and potassium–vitamins and minerals that are not present in refined sugar. Zinc keeps your level of white blood cells up which improves immunity and fights illnesses. Magnesium helps with fat and carbohydrate metabolism and brain and nerve function. Calcium strengthens bones while also protecting against cancer and high blood pressure. Potassium is most important for preventing strokes, yet it also stabilizes blood sugar and helps reduce stress.

7. Alternative to Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, such as splenda, sucralose, etc, cause weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, short term memory loss, along with many other problems. It’s very easy to get addicted to artificial sweeteners because they affect food cravings and your body’s ability to recognize signs of hunger and fullness. Even though these sweeteners are calorie-free, the negatives to using them outweigh the positives, while maple syrup tastes delicious and doesn’t cause any of the issues that artificial sweeteners do.

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